The SPAR-Ranchi Project is implementing the Child Marriage Program, India (DAHAR) supported by the Development Focus through LGSS.  The nature of the project is call of hour to eradicate the evil practice of child marriage and establish a healthy practice of marrying after achieving adulthood.

Objective :

  • To give enough time to teenagers to shape their future through education.
  • To give enough time to shape and establish bodily change of nature of teenagers for healthy future growth and establishment of health.
  • Thus marrying after achieving adulthood will give ample time to achieve above objectives which will enable to shape a healthily, prosperous and stable future of society.

The activities were :

  • Empowerment of girls.
  • Access to formal education for girls.
  • Involvement of local communities to combat child marriage.
  • Development and implementation of legislation and policies to prevent child marriage.