SPAR collectively aspires for the society where people will be free from all sorts of exploitation and injustice. The society will be based on the values like Peace, Co-operation, Gender Equity, Justice, equitable sharing of resource and Participation. The society will have harmony with the nature.


SPAR is a non Governmental, non-political, non-profit making voluntary organization committed to the cause of the poor and marginalized people. It empowers dalits and adibasis, women, children, minority community and other backward classes for realization of their entitlements through participatory process. It works during the development endeavour with the people in Orissa, Jharkhand & West Bengal.

The organization is committed to facilitate the empowerment process of people and other development actors including its own professionals.

SPAR will necessarily try to go to the deeper intricacies of the human development through right based approach.

SPAR will try to initiate people-cantered advocacy and awareness drive simultaneously at the community and policy level. If necessary, it will facilitate the education and health service in the remote villages. SPAR believes in values like, participation, transparency, gender equity, peace, justice, equality and promotes its practices within and outside the organization.