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This project area is spread over in 7 districts of Jharkhand state predominantly inhabited by the tribal population. The region is situated in the Chotanagpur plateau area of Jharkhand. The percentage of tribals varies from 70% to 99% in all the reference areas.  Most of the land in this area is either upland or wasteland unsuitable for agricultural operation. The poor people are to depend largely on the forest produce for their livelihood.

Changes brought about by SPAR

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SPAR is working directly in 72 villages under 3 Blocks of Ranchi (Murhu Block) and West Singbhum (Bandgaon and Manoharpur Block).  It is also working in 50 villages in Hazaribagh, Lohardaga, Simdega, Gumla and Latehar districts of Jharkhand through network partners.


Under the programme of facilitation of people's organisation,  main focus of work is to organize the people and strengthen PO & SHGs, promote local self governance, facilitate the process of women empowerment and use natural resources in appropriate manner to ensure sustainable livelihood and food security The operational areas are predominantly tribal inhabited.

Besides, some capacitation programmes on people’s participatory planning, gram sabha and tribal self rule, people’s organisation, self help group, local self governance and  societal peace were also organised to create awareness among the villagers. Support for people’s action is continuing. One  herbal  medicine centre is running for the benefit of the villagers. PO members themselves are collecting the herbs and preparing the medicines. 15 villages were supported for live-stock development which has insured some earnings for the rural families. People have become able to generate income through the preservation , management  and proper marketing of  natural resources for sustainable livelihood. Preventive health care  measures have been taken up by the people.
Poorest Area Civil Society (PACS) programme is continuing in 70 villages in 7 districts of Jharkhand. SPAR Ranchi is playing the role of Lead Civil Society Organisation along with direct implementation in two districts. In Hazaribagh, Lohardaga, Simdega, Gumla and Latehar SPAR is implementing this programme through network partners.  The main emphasis of this programme is  on rights based intervention at the field level and on capacitation of the partners. Under this programme the following activites were held during this period.
Being organized in the form of 258 self help groups community people has mobilized Rs. 26 lakh (approx) through their savings and credit activities. 266 groups have opened bank accounts. 40 SHGs have linked with SGSY scheme. 5 SHGs have passed 2nd gradation of SGSY scheme and they will get 2,50,000 in future. 15 SHGs have taken loan from banks. SHG members have also established a good rapport with block offices. They have started earning profit of Rs. 500 – 1000 per month also. Few SHGs at a group level have started income generation activities like agriculture, stock business of minor forest produce etc.
SHG members have started getting contracts of village developmental work like  construction of roads, Anganbari, community hall, culvert etc. In  all the 70 referral areas Gram Sabhas have been formed as per the constitutional provisions. Capacity building process of Gram Sabha members has going on. Most important indicators is that the women folk in these areas are taking part in decision making process in Gram Sabha meetings, raising voices for their entitlements etc. Process of formation of federation has been started in all project areas. 6 federations have already been formed.Apart from this, 6 non formal education centres are running satisfactorily in the villages through local contribution. Most of the students of these centers have been admitted in formal schools or other schools.
Intervention in field areas (including partner CSOs) :

Field level activities of this reporting period includes:

  • 6709 Regular group meetings (weakly SHG meeting)
  • 420 Meetings of village level organization (monthly in each village)
  • 42 Meetings for formation of federation
  • 7 Conceptual training for the community people on PRI & Gram Sabha (1 trg. in project area)
  • 7 Technical training on Promotion, Preservation and Processing of MFP (1 trg. in project area)
  • 7 Seminar on local issues (1 seminar in project area)
  • Running 70 NFE centers
  • 42 Project Review and Planning Meetings

Empowering rural poor for realisation of their entitlements : This programme is continuing in 42 villages of four panchayats i.e. Robokera, Bedakenduda, Anandpur and Kolpotka in Manoharpur Block of West Singhbhum, Jharkhand. All the activities of the programme centers on empowerment of rural people, so that they could be self reliant and have access to their entitlements. Under this programme 12 village level organization / Gram Sabhas have been formed and formation of 9 village level organizations is in progress. 151 SHG’s are functioning properly. They are conducting regular group meetings and maintaining their minutes and financial accounts. Till February 2008, they mobilized Rs. 3, 15,731/- through group savings. 151 SHGs consist of 1,765 members out of whom 1,096 are female and 669 are male members. 45 groups have opened their bank accounts. 15 groups have derived benefits from Government schemes (ATMA, SGSY, MLA scheme). 99 village level social leaders have emerged and they are taking initiative for the development of groups and villages.

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